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Entrepreneurs Institute (El) is assembling a comprehensive platform of services and resources to support your business from the moment of start-up through its entire period of growth to where you need to decide whether to list it on a stock exchange or simply enjoy owning a cash cow for the long term.


El is dedicated to your growth – the growth of your business and your growth as a person. Your personal growth must come first both in time and in priority. If you grow, your business will grow. It is a certainty.
The single most important ingredient in growth is taking the responsibility of making decisions. Making decisions is hard but that is the only way to learn -from your own successes and failures and those of your colleagues who are willing to share them with you.
How often have you heard people complain of responsibility without authority? That’s why El is organised differently from other conglomerates and holding companies. Your average corporation is focussed on creating a well-oiled machine that generates and reports profits for the shareholders of the mother company on a regular quarterly basis. Yes, El expects and intends to make profits but with a different focus and an entirely different time frame. That’s why El has embarked on a bold experiment to create a self­-organising society.


Martin Fairbairn

Martin Fairbairn is a lawyer and the founder of a leading Hong Kong law firm. He retired from that practice in 1990 after spearheading the growth of his firm from three persons to the eleventh largest firm of solicitors in Hong Kong with a total staff of 160. He is a British national and BA graduate in Middle Eastern studies from Oxford University who has been resident in Hong Kong for most of the last 50 years.

Martin is now Chairman of Global Team Services Ltd., a private company through which he provides personal consultancy in the fields of corporate, financial, tax and management services. He is also a director of Living Legacy Ltd, a Hong Kong and Panama-based incubator of disruptive technology and innovation in the fields of organic horticulture, health and healing.



William Dalzell is a Certified General Accountant with a B.Sc. in Forestry (British Columbia) who has leveraged his dual qualifications to gain broad and in-depth experience in the alternative investments sector of the global financial markets, as well as management, human resources, production and accounting in the education, wood products and steel industries.
Bill has done extensive research and technical analysis both in the foreign currency and derivatives markets and spoken at a number of international seminars on trading and derivatives. His passion is trading the forex market and teaching others the skills and art of trading. He has been a successful personal forex trader for close to 20 years and mentored a number of students, several of whom have gone on to become successful full-time traders.
Bill is a Licensed Securities Dealer in Vanuatu and is presently CFO and Head of Compliance for Alternative Investment Specialists Ltd, where his responsibilities include the monthly calculation of the Net Asset Value of the company’s public investment funds as well as regulatory compliance and relations with auditors, clients and other counter parties. He is also the Compliance Director of Vantu Bank Ltd, a Vanuatu International Bank which is El’s core “partner” in providing banking services to El companies.



Endre Dobozy is Australian and a Vanuatu Licensed Securities Dealer, the founder and Managing Director of Alternative Investment Specialists Ltd (AIS) and the manager of several Vanuatu-based investment funds to which Endre is Investment Adviser. He is also a Master Certified Member of the H.S Dent Advisor Network.
Al S’s premier fund is FTM, an acronym for “Forget the Market”, a fund where 90% to 95% of the principal is secured by scrupulously qualified medical receivables, delivering a consistent loss­free performance since opening to the public in March 2010 to date. In a time when 90% of all mutual funds have been losing money for their clients, FTM has never once suffered an annual loss.
AIS’s FTM fund won the World Finance Award for Best Fixed Income Fund Offshore for 2011 and for 2012 and a similar award from the Global Banking and Finance Review for 2012. It has also been voted Best Offshore Fixed Income fund in the Acquisition International Hedge Fund Awards for 2015. In addition to being nominated for a further three awards in 2014, FTM is a constituent both of the HFRI Relative Value Index and the Exante Hedge Fund Index and currently holds a
4-star Morningstar rating.



Guy Sagy is an Information Systems Analyst and an expert ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consultant with specialist experience in ERP platforms. He is an experienced developer of software and web-based applications as well as forex trading expert advisors (robots).
He has a BA International Business Administration, University of Humberside, England; Dip. Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Dip. Managing Start-up Companies by MATI High-Tech, Israel; Dip. Computer Technician, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel; Dip. SAP ERP and Oracle Applications, John Bryce, Matrix, Israel.
Guy was an ERP Consultant across a range of leading companies, businesses and industries in Israel for 7 years. He is a co-developer of the TeamsOffice web application, an on line Knowledge Management system for companies and entrepreneurs.
He is presently Chief Technology Officer for all companies in the Vanuatu-based EDC Group and Hong Kong-based Vanuatu Registry Services Ltd,



Mitchell Herber, who lives just outside London, has 30 years of cross-disciplinary experience in the audio-visual, education and management fields. He organized and founded a centralized print and media unit, introducing cutting-edge desktop publishing systems for several Inner London colleges.
Since 1990 Mr. Herber has founded and directed three graphics design and print enterprises with clientele including such names as Jordan Grand Prix Fl Team, FA Premier league, Cape Boards pie, Oki Europe, Xerox and many others. He is presently director and senior shareholder of Catalyst Design, a graphics design house in London and CEO of IOCS International (International Organization for Community Sharing).