Principles and Objects

Taking Responsibility While Protecting Your Assets



The Self-Organizing Society

The best person to decide what is best and what is right for you is not any government official, not your boss, your teacher, your parent, spouse or children. It is you. The same applies to everyone else you meet and interact with.
One of the biggest problems with our present global community is all the regulation and political interference in the marketplace. Manipulation of interest rates causes distortions and uncertainty in financial markets, stealing from the savers – the thrifty – and rewarding the big banks and politically connected. Over-regulation discourages small businesses from taking the risk of starting up, thereby reducing the pool of potential employers and increasing the pool of the unemployed. El cannot change the political landscape but what it can do is put its principles to work in its own sphere of influence as an example to the rest of the world.
If you prefer not to depend on the promises of the nanny state, the welfare-warfare state, and would like to do business in an environment where everyone takes responsibility for their own decisions and enjoys the lessons and profits of doing so, El will provide you the foundation for getting started.

Education and Training

Making decisions is difficult. El believes that your growth requires that you make your own decisions. But there is no reason that you must make them without help or support. El will provide you with multiple resources for you to leverage in starting out in building your business together with education, training and guidance, always leaving the final decision to you.

Other People’s Money

The big advantage of managing an El company is that you are not burdened with the reporting and taxation obligations of ownership. How can it be an advantage not to own your own business?
Ownership and control of wealth is everybody’s goal but nowadays it comes with two major down sides:¬†

  • when you personally own your business or company, you are taxable personally on the income you earn and your heirs are taxable on the assets that “pass” on your death;
  • in some jurisdictions (particularly the US), society has come to view everything as somebody else’s responsibility and frivolous litigation is rife. It is a common practice to sue the nearest visible “deep pocket” whether there was any true responsibility or not and the cost of litigation compels the deep pockets to settle.

So, if you are personally wealthy, your income is at risk of tax and your assets are at risk of litigation and death duties.
One of the advantages of managing an El company is that, because of our commitment to the principle of taking the responsibility of decision-making and learning from mistakes is that you can manage your chosen resources to fulfil your personal career ambitions for the long term without the problems that come with “ownership”. That is, in fact, the way the overpaid corporate CEOs of the big public companies on Wall Street manage to deploy the funds of their High Street investors to amass personal fortunes without being taxable or responsible for the earnings of their corporations.
Why should such benefits be limited to the super-rich? When you become the CEO (Chief Entrepreneur Officer) of an El company, you become entitled to the same benefits enjoyed by big business barons and corporate CEOs.