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Who We Are

Entrepreneurs Institute (El) is a non-profit educational and resource-sharing club with HQ in Hong Kong and a global team of “professional entrepreneurs” as directors.
Historically, new and small businesses have been the biggest creators of employment. In this time of concentration of wealth, punishing taxes and overwhelming regulation, being successful as an entrepreneur is more difficult than ever. El’s mission is to provide the tools to help reverse that trend.
Education and training are enshrined in the first object of our Constitution as:


To nurture entrepreneurs and managers, to assist them in overcoming the obstacles to independence in business and to train, develop and nurture in them the skills, experience and other qualities required to create successful, independent entrepreneurs and businessmen and businesswomen.

What We Believe

We believe that there are no such things as mistakes in business, only learning experiences.
Human beings blossom and are fulfilled when they have the freedom to make their own choices, learn from their¬† “mistakes”, share them with others and grow both as professionals and people.
They need support, not control, guidance not restriction, systems not bureaucracy. At the same time, they learn to take responsibility for their choices, to work for their reward, to commit to their success.
Entrepreneurs Institute gives them the support and the tools they need to do so. 

What We Do

We put our beliefs into practice. Our operational holding company (owned by the non-profit) has a unique constitution that prevents us from overruling the decisions of its managers except in very limited conditions.
Having that in mind, when you manage an El company, you are in the same position as the CEO of a global corporation. You get to control how “other people’s money” is applied without worrying if your personal creditors can destroy your business.
You work hard for your profit. You need to be allowed to preserve and control the capital and resources that you have built and that are needed to continue to earn your livelihood. No one should be able to deprive you of your business resources. El protects and preserves the fruits of your labours.

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